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Interior Detailing Process

At DJ's Detailing, we employ a multi-step process for our interior detailing, focusing on meticulous cleaning and protecting your car's interior.

Inspection: We begin with a thorough inspection of your vehicle's interior to assess the level of cleaning required and identify any specific problem areas.
High-Pressure Blow Out and Vacuuming: Next, we utilize compressed air with high pressure to dislodge dirt and debris from vents, crevices, and underneath seats. This ensures a deep clean that reaches beyond what a regular vacuum can achieve. We then follow up with a thorough vacuuming of the entire interior, including the trunk, to remove loosened dirt and dust.
Upholstery Cleaning: This is where the real transformation happens. DJ's Detailing uses hot water extraction, with water reaching 210°F, in combination with specialized cleaning agents for different materials like carpets, leather, and vinyl. This hot water steam penetrates deep into the upholstery to remove stains, dirt, grime, and even some lingering odors.
Detailed Cleaning: We don't stop there! We meticulously clean all surfaces using non-abrasive brushes to reach those hard-to-access areas like cup holders, air vents, steering column, gas and brake pedals, and door jambs. This ensures a clean and fresh look for every nook and cranny.
Protection and Conditioning (Optional): DJ's Detailing offers additional services like leather and vinyl cleaning and conditioning for an extra fee. This additional step helps protect these delicate materials from future wear and tear, extending their lifespan and maintaining their supple feel.
Headliner Cleaning (Optional): We also offer headliner cleaning as an optional service, ensuring a truly comprehensive clean that addresses all interior surfaces, including the ceiling fabric.
Finishing Touches: Finally, we wrap up the process by spot cleaning the roof liner and sun visors, and cleaning the windows on the inside for crystal-clear visibility.

By following these meticulous steps, DJ's Detailing aims to deliver a comprehensive interior detailing service that enhances the appearance, air quality, and overall value of your vehicle.
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Exterior Detailing Process

Our exterior detailing service is meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of your car. We begin with a thorough hand wash and pressure washing of the door jambs, with the option of clay barring for a flawless finish. If needed, we include compound buffing and swirl removal to ensure a pristine look. A protective sealer is then applied to extend the life of your paint job. We also detail the engine, tailpipe, gas tank compartment, wheel wells, tires, and rims. All rubber and plastic trim are conditioned, and convertible tops are treated with a water-repellent UV protectant. Finally, we apply a protective film to the glass for water repellency. 

Safe and Effective Cleaning:
  • Hand Wash: This ensures a gentle yet effective cleaning, avoiding the potential for scratches that can occur with automated washes.
  • Pressure Washing of Door Jambs: This tackles built-up dirt and grime in those hidden areas, promoting overall cleanliness.
Optional Paint Restoration:
  • Clay Barring: This removes contaminants like bonded metallic particles and embedded dirt, creating a smooth and flawless paint surface for the next steps.
  • Compound Buffing and Swirl Removal (optional): This eliminates imperfections and swirls in the paint, restoring a pristine showroom finish.
Long-lasting Protection:
  • Protective Sealer: This creates a barrier that shields your car's paint from environmental damage, UV rays, and minor scratches, extending its lifespan and maintaining its shine.
Attention to Detail:
  • Engine, Tailpipe, Gas Tank Compartment, Wheel Wells, Tires, and Rims: Detailing these areas not only enhances the overall appearance but can also help prevent rust and corrosion.
  • Conditioning of Rubber and Plastic Trim: This restores a fresh, like-new look to these components and prevents them from cracking or fading.
  • Treatment of Convertible Tops: The water-repellent UV protectant safeguards the convertible top from water damage and sun bleaching.
Bonus Feature:
  • Protective Film for Water Repellency on Glass: This invisible film makes raindrops bead up and roll off more easily, improving visibility during rain and making it easier to clean your windshield.

DJ's Detailing's exterior detailing process is comprehensive and well-suited to deliver a gleaming, protected vehicle that looks its best.
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