Interior Detailing for Vehicles in Louisville, KY

We start our interiors by using compressed air to blow out dirt within the vehicle from under seats and crevices. From there, we vacuum it out thoroughly and begin shampooing the upholstery by hand with an hot-water injection that reaches 210 degrees Fahrenheit. In conjunction with the shampooer, we use emulsifying agents to ensure that your carpet is as clean as possible.

After shampooing, we would move on to leather seats (if applicable), as well as the vinyl doors and dashboard, using our special cleaning agent formula at the required dilution for your vehicle. To your satisfaction and surprise, we can virtually erase most soiling and scuffing during our diligent interior cleaning process. With the use of our non-abrasive brushes, we get the dirt from those cracks and crevices that are hard-to-reach, without damaging the components of your car, such as the composite plastics, vinyl, leather, or carbon fiber.

Next, we clean the gas and brake pedals and move up the steering column, which would include the steering wheel, shifters, blinkers, and surrounding area, leading to the air vents, 
cup-holders, and any other auxiliary features.

To provide some protection and prevention, we apply the composite plastic and vinyl protectant, as well as the leather conditioners.

To wrap up your interior cleaning, we would spot clean the roof and visors and thoroughly clean the windows on the inside.

*Pricing Subject to Change*