These are your questions, and we took the time to provide some honest answers.

Do you still work when it is cold outside?

We only work if it is at least a consistent 42-45 degrees including windchill factor.

What is your address/location?

Currently we are fully mobile and service clients at their location, primarily within the Louisville Metro area. We are working on establishing a brick-and-mortar location to accommodate our growing business.

Are small cars cheaper than big cars?

Possibly, but all cars truly fall under the same scrutiny and rules of evaluation. Pricing is based on the state of the car and how much work it will require. Some cars require more work and time, and a small car that just came out of a river will never be equivalent to a large car with some normal dirt.

Do you charge hourly?

We use a fair and neutral approach requiring that there must be a minimum base rate for all vehicles, and a flexible ceiling to accommodate when a job requires a lot more than usual. Our goal is always to price fairly enough to appeal to our customers and earn their loyalty.

Do you clean engines?

Yes, and we have experience. Several companies claiming to offer this service are very inexperienced, putting you and your car at risk. We use the proper tools and techniques to preserve your engine and the life of your car.

Do you buff cars?

Yes, we buff every car that gets an exterior detail.

Do you offer odor elimination?

Yes. Our disinfecting and odor-eliminating formulas are very effective, and use emulsifying agents to penetrate and eliminate whatever contamination might be inside your vehicle. If it smells sour, mildewed, or smoky, we can help.

Do you offer discounts?

We occasionally offer specials and loyalty rewards for repeat customers. Discounts may vary with the seasons and are always subject to change. This type of labor is physically demanding without a big markup, so we offer competitive pricing for our quality and breadth of services. We never take our customer loyalty for granted and that is the best way we recommend for you to receive discounts.

I have water damage. Can you fix it?

Yes. If you were victim to flood damage, theft, or just an unsealed window as a result of forgetting to roll it up, we can help drastically improve your situation.

Can you fix the scuffs or scratches in my paint?

Yes. Paint touch-up, wet-sanding, color-correction, and buffing are some of the techniques we use to fix scratches and make your car look like new. Results vary based on the circumstance and extremity for your vehicle. Sometimes people refer to marring or or spider-webbing effects as 'scratches', which is a different scenario and requires a different approach.

Do you repair dents?

Yes. We use top-of-the-line equipment and the most innovative techniques, such as glue and steel to push or pull any dents or dings that we find on your vehicle, or that you have requested to be addressed, back in place.

My headlights are yellowed and foggy. Can you or how do you fix that?

The best way possible; removing the oxidation itself. We have found that our techniques have a lasting-effect that beats all of the competition.

Do you remove over-spray, tar, or paint from the road?

Absolutely. Sometimes you are unaware of wet paint or tar on the roadway on which you are driving. For example, you might have yellow or white paint from divider lines or lane lines, and/or tar from freshly paved roads. Regardless of the situation, don't worry because we can help.

Do you take credit cards?

We accept all major forms of credit cards, as well as cash, certified, cashier's or traveler's checks, and money orders. To minimize instances of check fraud, we do not accept personal checks.

*Pricing Subject to Change*