Our Exterior Detailing Process

Exterior detailing may involve any of the items listed below, and we can customize any exterior work to match the car's issues or requirements. Some of the items are an additional cost.

Hand washing and debugging, door jambs pressure washed, exterior clay barring if necessary (a la carte)**, compound buffing if necessary, followed up by (d swirl lysing) and polishing.

**Compound Buffing or paint correction will need to proceed after the clay bar procedure is done. This is critical to remove spider-webbing and/or marring of the paint after the Clay Bar has been performed.

Finally, a coat of sealer for added protection and longevity for your beautifully restored paint job. We include the engine, tailpipe, gas tank compartment, wheel wells, tires and rims.

We will condition or shine all rubber & plastic trim or molding. Convertible tops get a water repellent UV protectant as well.

To wrap it all up, we put a protective film on the glass to make it water-repellant. Some services are 'a la carte', as mentioned above

*Pricing Subject to Change*