The Importance of Clay Barring

By DJ TalaiDJ Talai

Using clay to remove impurities in your finish is more valuable than you would ever intuitively know. Over time, pieces of paint or tar get stuck on or in your finish, leaving a bumpy, while other debris from the road either chips away some of your paint or just gets stuck, embedded for as long as it is allowed. All of these factors can promote degradation of your paint, and facilitate other corrosive or erosive conditions. This is especially a big problem if you are a car lover and try to maintain that perfect finish. Regardless, it makes a difference and keeps your car from turning into that scabby, rust bucket you dread thinking of.

When washing your car, you should always use a proper, clean clay bar to remove embedded debris and restore some additional smoothness and shine to your car. We always offer clay barring for our customers and promise to take care of you and your vehicle. It really is more than just your car. It's your friend, and for those of us with families, it's everything.

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